Bound and Betrayed

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Bound and Betrayed, Savage Warriors book 3, is here!

I know what it's like to be enslaved by an alien...

When I leave the colony for a day at the lively and exciting Frizian Outpost, I never expect my life to change forever.


I'm a former human slave, freed by the Zyrnx Warriors and given sanctuary on the colony as I await transport back to Earth.

But when I see a wild and injured Madixx male, caged and tormented by his captors, all it takes is a single glance for me to know I won't rest until I free him.

Everyone knows the Madixx are dangerous--and maybe he is. But I am haunted by his eyes.

Should I believe this huge, wild man is capable of love, or should I ignore my heart and take what may be my last chance to return to my world?
This hot scifi romance series is for you if you like strong women, fierce alien men, and fated romance with nonstop action.

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Two Days!

Savage Warriors book 3 is out in TWO DAYS! (9/18/2019)

This is Crow and Zoe's story, with, as usual, some of the characters from books 1 and 2 in the mix. This one is, I think, my favorite. I had such fun writing it and I adore Crow.

Book 4 is ready for preorder, and it's Zac the Grizzwolf's story. We love Zac!

Here's the link to the series page on Amazon.

Come fall in love and explore a series full of romance, heat, action, and emotion!

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Thanks to the awesome Holly, who contacted me through Facebook, I realized my contact form wasn't working. So...I fixed it. Feel free to contact the hell out of me now! 💓😍 The form is in the right sidebar.

Also, book 3, Bound and Betrayed, releases on Wednesday the 18th, and book 4, Condemned and Consumed (Vyxyn and Zac the Grizzwolf's story) is available for preorder.

Guess whose story is coming in book 5...

Zac's Book Pre-order!

Savage Warriors book 4, Condemned and Consumed, is now available for pre-order.

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In a past life, I must have been a real bitch...and now it's time for payback.

I'm abducted from Earth and sold to a panel of High Judges--important, wealthy men partly responsible for punishing and sentencing aliens who break the law and protecting those who obey.

Unfortunately, there are no laws that protect abducted humans.

When I kill one of the depraved judges, I have two choices--stay and face whatever hell of a life his friends subject me to or run and sneak aboard the transport ship bound for the worst prison planet in all the worlds.


I run.

I'm immediately claimed by the man who rules Stygian--and once again, I'm on the run.
This time, though, there's no place to go, and it's just a matter of time before I'm caught.

When a ship crashes near my hiding place, I think maybe my bad luck is changing.
But then I meet him. Zac.
A huge, tattooed male scarier than any alien I've seen so far. I feel something when I look at him.
Something consuming.

Too bad for me that he doesn't feel the same way.
And too bad for both of us that his ship is damaged, his weapons useless, and neither one of us is likely to make it off Stygian alive.

This steamy romantic fantasy series is for you if you like strong women, fierce alien men, and fated romance with nonstop action.

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Excerpt from Zac's Book

Bound and Betrayed, book 3 in the Savage Warrior series, releases on 9/18/2019. You can
 pre-order it here!

Want a glimpse into Condemned and Consumed, Savage Warriors book 4? Read on!

Book 4 is Zac the Grizzwolf's story and is available for preorder.


He crosses his arms and leans against the bar. “Why are you on Stygian, Vyxyn? And where’d you get that name?”
“Badass until you hear the rest of it.” I grin and look regretfully at my swiftly disappearing sandwich. “My mom was eccentric. My full name is Vyxyn Axyl Mycah Pyka. What a shit name, right? She wanted my initials to spell out Vamp. That was what she called me.”
“She was obsessed with vampires. She believed they were real and that someday, a handsome bloodsucker with fangs, a sexy accent, and loads of money was going to come whisk her out of the trailer park and take her to live in his gothic mansion.”
He laughs hard, then looks surprised that he’s so amused. “I’m sure you miss her.”
I lose my smile. “No.”
He doesn’t ask why not. “Things will get violent before long.”
I nod. “Things usually do. But Zac can handle anything they throw at us.”
“Zac isn’t the only one of us who can fight, little Vyxyn,” he says dryly.
I lean closer. “Does he have a girlfriend back…wherever he comes from?”
“A mate?” He shakes his head. “He does not. Nor,” he adds, “do I.”
“Nice guy like you, you’ll find someone.”
He looks heavenward. “That’s what I keep hearing.”
“He’s a scary man. A shifter. That’s crazy.” I squint at him. “He says he’s dangerous.”
“I mean…to me.”
He lifts an eyebrow. “Extremely.”

Well hell.


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Scifi romance-alien abduction

To Clear Things Up

A couple of the reactions to a small part of book two--Stolen and Saved--have confused and shocked me. To give you some background without too many spoilers, my hero, Fyx, is a natural dominant. Tabon, one of the secondary characters in the book is a submissive. He becomes important to my H/h and even helps save my heroine's life.

And this is scifi romance. Scifi. Aliens.

He and Fyx recognize each other for what they are, and in the end, Tabon begs Fyx to take care of him. to "take my pain away and give me peace."

It's not about sex for these two. They're not having sex. It's about peace. And Fyx's number one priority is Tori. Tabon can't change that. Nothing is being taken away from Tori.

Fyx won't agree, not at first, because he doesn't believe Tori, the heroine and love of his life, will be okay with it.

But she doesn't see any reason they shouldn't have their relationship, which is NOT a sexual one, because Tabon obviously needs Fyx, and Fyx is happy caring for a sub:

He nods. “For him,” he says, nodding at Fyx. “I will only ever wish to make him happy.”
“You don’t really know each other,” I realize.
“Our souls do,” he says.
I look at Fyx.
He finally lowers his gaze to mine. “I am sorry, my love.”
I’m mystified. “Why?”
“I am yours. Only yours.”
Tabon drops his face into his hands.
I walk to Fyx and wrap my arms around him. “You know who you belong to, Fyx? You. Look. I won’t stand for any screwing around. But if he’s born a certain way and you’re born a certain way and you can help each other…then why not?”
They both stare at me, shocked.
Tabon drops his hands and inches closer. “Do you mean…”
“It’s up to Fyx, of course,” I say, confused by their shock. “But I don’t have a problem with it if he doesn’t.” I shrug. “And you did save my life.”
“He would live with us,” Fyx says.
I shrug. “Okay.” I look at Tabon. “Can you cook? Because I can’t.”

That's it.
But a couple of the readers were upset. One accused me of turning Fyx gay.

I thought maybe they mis-read and believed my hero was going to have sex with the secondary character. Or maybe...I don't know.

But as a writer, I don't like upsetting readers. You are why I can do this job and if I didn't care so much I'd simply ignore it and continue writing. And I realize that if you didn't care so much, you wouldn't become upset in the first place.

Tabon is an addition to Fyx and Tori's family. He's not hurting them, they're not hurting him. So I really don't understand the anger toward this part of the story, and I hoped that I could clear it up a little.

By the way. Some of the characters are getting their own books--like Zac the Grizzwolf and Jax, for instance, and character you read about in book one will be seen in later books. It just takes a little time. So be patient and please don't assume you'll never see the characters again.

Anyway! On to book 3, which is Crow and Zoe's story and my favorite so far. It releases 9/18/2019, so just a few more days!

I'm quite far into book 4, which is Zac the Grizzwolf's story, and book 5 will be Jax's story. They both need some love, and I will see that they get their loves and their HEA.

And Bran...dear lord, what am I going to do with that woman...

Stay tuned :D

If this sounds like your type of series, you can find it here.
And please, keep the positive reviews coming!
God knows I need them.

Orange Sticker!

So already, Captured and Claimed has gotten the coveted orange 'number one new release' sticker! Book one of my alien abduction romance Savage Warrior series got to number one in the women's fantasy fiction category on Amazon. Guys, that means so much to me and I am thrilled you're loving this series.



I'm shocked at how well my alien romance books are doing and so quickly! Jude is a new pen. I didn't bring over the fans of my other pen name, so for all intents and purposes, I'm new.

Sure, I know a few tricks for new writers, and I know how to write and publish, but still. I'm surprised and very happy. The reviews are positive for the most part.


Anyway, I came to this new pen because I'm no longer having fun with my other pen. It's wearing me out and I needed a break. Alien books are fun. So for those who enjoy them, I hope you continue to enjoy reading them as much as I'm enjoying writing them.

And remember, I'm putting together an ARC team, so send me a message if you'd like to be added!

Keep reading and please, keep those positive reviews coming. Positive reviews are super important.

Haven't started my alien abduction romance series yet? Here's your link. Grab your eReader and some popcorn or pizza and wine and have an awesome reading night!