Touched by the Alien Barbarian

Book three in the Warrior Clans of Maekon series is out on 7/13/2020. You can get your preorder in right here.

This world is all about survival.

I survived being abducted from Earth, being discarded on a planet of barbarian warriors, and then traded to a clan who isn't quite so freaked out by my red hair.
But I may not survive being stolen by the brutal Votris clan.
I may not survive the damaged, savage beast they cage me with.
And even if I do, can I survive losing him?


We love ya, tomorrow!
Sorry, I got carried away. So anyway, the reason I love tomorrow is because Possessed by the Alien Barbarian releases! It is book two in my newest Warrior Clans of Maekon series, and you can get it here.

Also new releases from scifi romance author friends. You should definitely check them out!

Ivy Cross released Fallen, book one in an awesome new series. Book two is up for preorder.

Miranda Bridges and Kyra Snow are writing a series together, and book one, Glacier, released today.