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Bound and Betrayed, book 3 in the Savage Warrior series, releases on 9/18/2019. You can
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Want a glimpse into Condemned and Consumed, Savage Warriors book 4? Read on!

Book 4 is Zac the Grizzwolf's story and is available for preorder.


He crosses his arms and leans against the bar. “Why are you on Stygian, Vyxyn? And where’d you get that name?”
“Badass until you hear the rest of it.” I grin and look regretfully at my swiftly disappearing sandwich. “My mom was eccentric. My full name is Vyxyn Axyl Mycah Pyka. What a shit name, right? She wanted my initials to spell out Vamp. That was what she called me.”
“She was obsessed with vampires. She believed they were real and that someday, a handsome bloodsucker with fangs, a sexy accent, and loads of money was going to come whisk her out of the trailer park and take her to live in his gothic mansion.”
He laughs hard, then looks surprised that he’s so amused. “I’m sure you miss her.”
I lose my smile. “No.”
He doesn’t ask why not. “Things will get violent before long.”
I nod. “Things usually do. But Zac can handle anything they throw at us.”
“Zac isn’t the only one of us who can fight, little Vyxyn,” he says dryly.
I lean closer. “Does he have a girlfriend back…wherever he comes from?”
“A mate?” He shakes his head. “He does not. Nor,” he adds, “do I.”
“Nice guy like you, you’ll find someone.”
He looks heavenward. “That’s what I keep hearing.”
“He’s a scary man. A shifter. That’s crazy.” I squint at him. “He says he’s dangerous.”
“I mean…to me.”
He lifts an eyebrow. “Extremely.”

Well hell.


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Scifi romance-alien abduction

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