$2.99 Boxset

For those of you who love boxsets, you can get Savage Warriors volumes 1-3 for $2.99. I won't keep it at this price very long, so feel free to go on over and grab it now! :) Here's your link:


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Book Boxsets

I know some of you like to read boxsets, so I wanted to let you know that my first alien abduction romance series (Savage Warriors) is now available in two boxsets:

Savage Aliens Bundle 1 contains books 1-3

Savage Aliens Bundle 2 contains books 4-6

I'm currently offering them at a slight discount as well ❤

Craving the Cyborg

Want to start a new cyborg alien abduction romance series? Awesome! I've got some books for you.

Renegade Cyborgs

And just in case you haven't started it yet--

Savage Warriors

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Renegade Cyborgs

Preorders are up for first three books in my new Renegade Cyborgs alien abduction romance series. I've sent out the newsletter with the first chapter of book one, and if you're thinking these books are a little darker than my original alien abduction series, you'd be correct. :)

Book 1 is Craving the Cyborg:


I was reborn in a cage...sort of.
And I met him, the cyborg, because he pulled me out of that cage and killed the man who held me. Who tortured me.
Of course I would love him. I just never realized how much.
Everything happens for a reason.
It wasn't a coincidence that he saw me, that he saved me.
He was always meant to save me.


Human women are forbidden to the Stryaxi. They are not permitted in Graeca.
I freed her for Earth.
But I kept her for me.
The emperor may kill me, but I do not care. I am no longer the emperor's fighter.
I am the human's cyborg.



Book 2 is Saving the Cyborg:


I live in a fairy tale.
But this is a dark fairy tale.
Abducted and sold to the Latrusian Prince of North Orangh, I go from a life of peace on a farm to a life of depravity, darkness, and fear in a castle full of wicked aliens.
My freedom, security, and control over my own body have been taken from me.
I want to go home. That's all I want in life--to get away from these horrifying aliens and go home.
I am close to giving up.

But then...
I meet him.
The cyborg.
He is the castle's protection, the queen's desire, the king's son.
And he is going to be my savior.


When I return to the castle after a long, vicious time away defending the kingdom's borders, I have no light in my heart. I have plans, though. I will leave this castle, this territory, this world. This evil.
My ship is being outfitted and repaired, I am stockpiling resources and funds and quietly assessing and choosing a crew, and I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do when I get there.

But plans can go awry.

I am mesmerized by a captive human girl, and when I see the prince abusing her, I do what I do best.
Beating the prince nearly to death is frowned upon.
I do it anyway.
Now I have to figure out how to get the girl to safety when I am chained in a dungeon.
And how to convince her to stay with me when I succeed.

 Renegade Cyborgs


Book 3 is Taming the Cyborg:


I'm a wild child--ask any of my friends. I'm not afraid of anything.
In my relationships, I'm the boss.
Men have always flocked to me, and I've had my pick of boyfriends.
I've never met a guy I couldn't charm.

Until now.

They take me from a party, the aliens. They do things that no human man would ever dare do to me. They treat me like no human man would ever dare treat me. They see me in ways that no human man would ever see me.

I, quite frankly, am screwed.
It can't possibly get worse.

But then a huge, terrifying cyborg shows up. He doesn't possess much of the body he was born with, from what I can see, except for his massive muscles. Artificial parts everywhere. He's more mechanical than flesh and blood.

I want to twist him around my little finger like I do most men, but this guy isn't impressed. I insist he return me to Earth, and he laughs at me. I slap the fake side of his face and he...well, I can't even think about what he does then. It's too humiliating.

The big strong alien cyborg male wants to dominate the delicate little human female. He wants to possess me. To rule me. And apparently, he thinks I should just lie down and take it.

I will fight him every step of the way.
And when I start feeling things for him, I'm not going to admit that in a million years. Not to him.

But something in the way he looks at me makes me think he already knows.


I overheard her amusing declaration that she has never met a man she could not tame.
She will find out soon enough that is no longer true.
She is about to meet me.

 Renegade Cyborgs

Craving the Cyborg (book 1) releases on January 16!