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Today's the day, guys! Book 2 in the Fated Mates of Xaensskar series is now available on Amazon.

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Sometimes Fate has a dark sense of humor, which can be...unfortunate.

Kreia doesn't expect to feel anything other than hatred and fear for the man who mistakes her for a boy--no doubt her disguise has something to do with that--but her dislike soon melts away as her fear eases and she begins to feel...something else. 

Something she shouldn't be feeling for a wealthy, arrogant Craeshen who wouldn't give a little nothing thief like her a second glance. Certainly she shouldn't have feelings for a man who sees her as a street boy, a thief, and worse, a Drimuti--the race he hates.

Instead of sending her to the authorities as planned, he changes his mind and decides to take her to the deadlands to teach her lessons and skills that will help her become a "man," and she knows it's only a matter of time before he discovers her secret.

Her only hope is to escape him and his men and find her way back to the city so she can disappear and never see him again.


Dexx Tavin is losing his mind.

He is not attracted to men, yet when the little street thief attempts to run and he is forced to give chase, a primitive part of him awakens and he realizes suddenly that he's attracted to the boy. Worse, apparently this thieving street kid--this Drimuti--is his fated mate. 

Fate can take a flying leap.


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  1. Alien Heart was a lot of fun. There was so much happening but it wasn't at all hard to follow. I got very invested in the characters and their world. It was a cold shock to discover that was the end of Tempest's and Kelos's story.