Bran is UP

So I sneaked Bran's story in as the last of the Savage Warrior books.
Seized and Savaged is now available!

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Seized and Savaged

Want an excerpt from Bran and Gael's book?
Here you go :)

I slam into him because he doesn’t move, and he is so big, so fucking big, that he barely seems to notice the collision. I immediately go for the wound I gave him the first time I attacked him—the cut over his ribs. He has had it tended and covered, but I ram my fist against it, once, twice, three times, gratified when he grunts in pain.

He grabs my wrist and slams me to the ground, then falls on top of me, forcing the breath from my lungs. My lungs cannot expand with the weight of him crushing my chest, and I struggle to breathe as he forces my arms above my head. “I know there’s more in there than death, Xyliph. I see those cold eyes flicker. I have control of you now. The next time the opportunity presents itself, I want you to consider carefully before acting upon the bloody desires of your murderous heart.” He leans closer and his breath fans my cheek. “You are strong, fast, and one bad little bitch—but I am better than you. Don’t make me prove it.”

Coming soon!
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She is difficult. She will do as she wants and even as I'm cringing and thinking, ouch, don't do that, Bran! She does it anyway.
She is one bad bitch.
But you know what?
She has met her match.

Coming soon, Seized and Savaged, Bran and Gael's book.
Savage Warriors #6

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