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A brand new series 😁

What kind of series, might you ask? Well, there are aliens involved. Alien cyborgs.
Parts of it are gentler than my previous alien romance series, and parts of it are darker. Book one is currently untitled, as is the series.

The series title is making me crazy. My last series was Savage Warriors. This one needs to be something Cyborg or Cyborg something. I've made a list of potential names for the series-- Sizzling Cyborgs, Badass Cyborgs, and Possessed by the Cyborg, for instance (don't judge)--but I can't really settle on a good name for this Alien Cyborg series. Hey...
Maybe that's it. Maybe just Alien Cyborgs. Ugh. I don't know. Does Alien Cyborgs make you want to grab the books?

These Cyborgs are stone-cold, emotionless, and do what they have to do to get shit done. Mercenaries, defenders of innocents, liberators of territories overrun by assholes. And then they meet the human females who are going to make them fall in love, whether they want to or not.

Any of my readers great with titles and in the mood to help me out? Give me your ideas and suggestions and if I choose your series title, I'll credit you in the acknowledgments and send the first book to your Kindle for free--and earlier than the release date, if possible.

Here's a small excerpt from book one, now in progress. I'll put it and the others in this series up for preorder soon.


“Go back to your room,” I growl, and I slam my bedroom door shut before striding into my bathroom to stick my head under a stream of cold water. There is something terribly wrong with me. The visions are too extreme. My lust for the abused female, stolen from her own world and caged and mistreated, is wrong. I have never lusted after a victim I have rescued. Not once.

Yet here I am, full of lust and sex and need so immense that I fear I might seize her and throw her to my bed. I might rip her clothes off and…

“Fuck,” I groan. “Get the fuck out.” I turn off the water and hit the button on the wall—the red one which will summon the person I most need to see.

Dr. Jhim Thuvi answers quickly. “Raiden?”

“Come immediately,” I tell him. “There is something wrong in my head.”

“Lie down,” he tells me. “I am on my way.”

When I leave the bathroom, I realize I left Rowena in the next room. She must be frightened half to death. And she is—but not for herself. She is sitting on the corner of my bed, her brow knit in concern.

She stands when I walk into the room. “Raiden, are you ill? Can I call someone?”

“I have called someone,” I tell her. “There are obsessive thoughts in my mind which may indicate an imbalance with my cerebral implants. The doctor is coming.”

She pales. “You don’t have a real brain?”

I snort. “I have a real brain, Rowena.” Then I shrug. “Though some previously damaged parts of it were augmented with—”

“Never mind,” she interrupts hastily, as though she cannot bear to hear of my artificial parts. She takes my arm and leads me to my bed. “Lie down until the doctor gets here. She will take care of you.”

Then she jerks her fingers away from my mechanical arm when she realizes she holds it. I am not angered by her disgust. She is human. “Go back to your rooms,” I tell her. “You will not go to Ghoondra. When this job is finished, I will inform the consulate of your rescue, and they will begin the proceedings to return you to Earth.”

“Back to Earth,” she whispers. “That’s a possibility?”

Before I can reply, Jhim barrels into my bedroom, two aides behind him. One carries a large case, and the other pushes a white machine very nearly as tall as Rowena.

Jhim frowns in confusion when he sees her there. “You must leave now,” he says. “I will tend him.”

“Can you fix him?” she murmurs, but she shrinks away from the doctor she has seen only once since she has been here. Or at least she believes she has seen him only once.

“I certainly hope so,” he says. His voice is jolly, but his eyes hold worry.

“I’ll wait here with him,” she says, narrow-eyed with resolve.

I cannot help but smile. The further from the days of her captivity she gets, the more stubborn and determined she becomes.

Jhim frowns harder at my smile. “No,” he tells her, “you will not.” He nods at one of his aides. “Get that neglectful sister of his in here immediately.”

But not only does Rowena not trust this doctor, she does not trust him with me. She hurries to me, lifts my head, and slides beneath me. My head is pillowed on her soft lap almost before I can comprehend what she has done.

Her scent, sweet and exotic and unique, drifts down and wafts into my damaged brain. I want to reach up and yank her to me, and once again, my wayward cock begins to stiffen.

“Dammit, Jhim,” I growl. “Get her.”

Shocked by my refusal to accept her protection, and with feelings so hurt her eyes water, she can only stare hopelessly down at me until Cider rushes into the room and takes her away from me.

~From book one in the currently untitled book in the currently untitled cyborg alien romance series 🖤

Coming soon!

Bran is UP

So I sneaked Bran's story in as the last of the Savage Warrior books.
Seized and Savaged is now available!

Here's your link: 

Seized and Savaged

Want an excerpt from Bran and Gael's book?
Here you go :)

I slam into him because he doesn’t move, and he is so big, so fucking big, that he barely seems to notice the collision. I immediately go for the wound I gave him the first time I attacked him—the cut over his ribs. He has had it tended and covered, but I ram my fist against it, once, twice, three times, gratified when he grunts in pain.

He grabs my wrist and slams me to the ground, then falls on top of me, forcing the breath from my lungs. My lungs cannot expand with the weight of him crushing my chest, and I struggle to breathe as he forces my arms above my head. “I know there’s more in there than death, Xyliph. I see those cold eyes flicker. I have control of you now. The next time the opportunity presents itself, I want you to consider carefully before acting upon the bloody desires of your murderous heart.” He leans closer and his breath fans my cheek. “You are strong, fast, and one bad little bitch—but I am better than you. Don’t make me prove it.”

Coming soon!
Haven't started the series yet?
Here's your link.


She is difficult. She will do as she wants and even as I'm cringing and thinking, ouch, don't do that, Bran! She does it anyway.
She is one bad bitch.
But you know what?
She has met her match.

Coming soon, Seized and Savaged, Bran and Gael's book.
Savage Warriors #6

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So Close...

In a few hours, Savage Warriors #5 (Jax and Alice's book) will be released! Woohoo!
Are you ready for Jax?

Somehow, he became my favorite. Maybe because he's funny...

Get Jax!

Please remember, you guys, that reviews on Amazon are super important. When you've finished reading, and if you enjoyed the book, please run over and leave a short review. It doesn't have to be wordy or complicated or long to be a great review.

Too many readers are eager to leave a review if they dislike or are offended by the books they read but won't bother if they enjoyed it--who knows why. Just remember that if you love a book and an author, every great review you leave will help counteract the sucky ones, and it's an amazing way to support your author. ❤

Savage Warriors series

Two Things...

News and a teaser for Broken and Beautiful, the awesome Jax's book. I can't wait for you guys to read it!


I was approached by Tantor Media for the audio rights to my Savage Warrior series. When the terms were satisfactory to both of us, I accepted, and now the warriors you love will be coming to audiobook! I'm so excited!

Also, I'm beginning to get the books into print, so if you or anyone you know would rather read paperbacks instead of eBooks, you will be able to get your hands on these soon.

And now for an excerpt from Broken and Beautiful, Savage Warriors book 5, which is coming in 5 days! You can preorder here.


“Like a jail,” I say calmly. “They put traumatized children in jail.”
“Yes, I suppose. Oh look, there’s Jax.” And there is definite relief in his voice. “Jax!”
Jax is leaning against the wall beside the heavy door, and at our approach, he straightens. “Alice,” he says.
His voice is low and raspy, and he draws out my name like it’s a tasty sweet melting on his tongue. I don’t know if he’s trying for sexy or if it’s natural, but either way, there’s no denying he can make the simple act of voicing one’s name seem like an invitation to do naughty things beneath the sheets.
No one has ever said my name like that before. No one has ever looked at me the way he looks at me, either. Angry, interested…lustful.
I turn up my nose. “Kill anyone today?”
He squints at me. “Three or…” He frowns, thinking hard. “Four. Yes, I’ve killed four men this morning. Why do you ask?”
Tabon snorts. “Jax, your courtship knowledge is sorely lacking.”
I widen my eyes and my gaze flies to Jax, who only grins. Courtship? Are they mocking me? I swallow hard and glare at both of them. “I want to see the children you have caged inside.”
Jax lifts an eyebrow and looks at Tabon. “You should not have brought her here.”
“She brought me,” Tabon says. “You know I am helpless against domineering women.”
“Domineering!” I put my hands on my hips. “I am not domineering. Now open that door this instant.”
They snicker but Jax, with a bow and flourish, turns to open the door for me. “My lady,” he says. “By all means, come see the children. And, to protect your delicate sensibilities, let me warn you—they are not human.”
“I don’t care that they’re not human,” I spit, angrier by the second.
“Why are you angry?” he asks, all innocence.
“You have a talent for rubbing me the wrong way,” I say, marching past him when he opens the door.
He grabs my arm. “Alice. I can rub you any way you like. Let me demonstrate.”
Before I can even process his words, he drags me into his arms. As I open my mouth to yell he lowers his lips to mine, slides his hand over my breast, and pushes his leg between my thighs. Very high up.
He’s like a storm, as are the immediate feelings that rush over me. My body wars with my mind, and for a few seconds, I’m battered with emotions—confusion, excitement, anger…
And then with lust.
I’ve had sex. With one man. It was calm and predictable, and after we broke up, I never found—or looked for—another partner. He was like me. Quiet, unassuming, mannerly, and proper. We never even did oral sex because neither of us liked it. Actually, having never had it, I wasn’t sure if I would have liked it, but having someone down there, doing that, just seemed…no.
But Jax.
I know it’s wrong and I know I should absolutely not enjoy it when a man yanks me into his arms and begins touching me inappropriately and kissing me like he’s about to crawl inside me. His lips are hard and soft and luscious and sexy and hot and I may pass out, I think, if he doesn’t let me go.
But I think I might die if he does.
He plops me back down onto my feet and backs away, smiling. “Was that the right way to rub you, Alice?”

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