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New pen name means I need a new arc team and I need it yesterday!

I had an awesome launch day for book 2 and would like to see some amazing reviews to match the sales. I hope to hear from you!


Savage Warriors series

New Release!

Stolen and Saved, book 2 in my scifi romance Savage Warriors series, is now available on Amazon!


Stranded alone with an injured alien...

When the alien ship holding me malfunctions, I'm thrown into a shuttle and expelled from the ship. I awaken to find myself on what looks like a toxic waste dump--miles of inhospitable, eerie land where the ground smokes, the hills are black and barren, and it's unpleasantly cold.

Soon I discover I'm not alone. There's an alien on the awful island. A familiar alien.

He's the one who bought me from my captors. He's the one who paid extra because I'm a virgin. And he's the one who put me aboard the shuttle and saved my life when the ship went down.

I have a decision to make. Should I kill him as he lies injured and delirious, or should I nurse him back to health and hope he can save us both?

When I begin to soften toward him, and worse, my body begins to respond to his, I can't help but wonder--can a human woman fall in love with her alien abductor?
This steamy romantic fantasy series is for you if you like strong women, fierce alien men, and fated romance with nonstop action.

Get Stolen and Saved here.

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And finally, someone hears me, and he answers. “Zoe!”

That’s the grizzwolf’s voice. There’s no mistaking it. All raspy and angry and full of shivery darkness, like he’s going to hurt you but you know you’re going to like it when he does.

--From Bound and Betrayed, Savage Warriors book 3.

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*This is an Alien Romance series*


Captured and Claimed is moving up in the Amazon rankings, slowly but surely. And the countdown is on for Stolen and Saved, book 2. You can pre-order books 2 and 3 :)

Reviews, or Lack Thereof

I've had two strangers today message me to say they'd loved Captured and Claimed and left Amazon reviews, but the same two I got early on are still the only ones up. I know Amazon has been slow to approve reviews lately, so I hope they will start showing up soon.

Readers, if you enjoy a book, please leave a positive (Amazon) review. Authors will love you forever! Especially to new writers--or, as in my case, writers starting new pen names--those reviews are like gold, and believe me, I will treasure them just as much. More!

I got the final pre-order ms for Stolen and Saved uploaded today. It releases on August 28--just 9 more days! Bound and Betrayed releases on September 18th.

The characters in book 1 continue throughout the series, and yes, Zac the grizzwolf and Jax the Grifft will get their own books. 4 and 5 maybe. I'm very excited for Zac, especially.

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And remember--positive reviews make happy authors!

ARC Readers

Because this is a new pen name, I have to start looking for new ARC readers. I look forward to getting my new people and new fans, new friends, whole new start. If you like alien romance and are up for being added to the arc reader team, send me a message.

I have two deadlines at the moment, and am beginning to feel the crunch. But deadlines force me to get the work done and not procrastinate. I've got this. :)

One thing I don't have?



Captured and Claimed, Savage Warriors book 1

Stolen and Saved, Savage Warriors book 2 

Bound and Betrayed, Savage Warriors book 3

All the Words

I've been editing book 2 while writing book 3. I have deadlines for both books, and am doing really well by sticking with a strict schedule and getting in the word count I need on the wip--currently three thousand words a day.

Sometimes the words flow and sometimes I have to fight through the sticking points. I'm not the world's best plotter--usually, I just have an idea in my head. This is what's going on, this is what I want to happen, this is how I want it to end. Then I run with it.

Under my other pen, I don't write so freely. There are expectations. Readers I don't want to disappoint, but that's unavoidable. You're always going to disappoint someone. :) I took a pen name to explore other genres and to branch out a bit. I like trying new things. I told no one, so basically I have no one. New!

It's not just work, it's fun.

I like this feeling. I think I'll keep it.

The Beginning

Hi there!

I'm glad you came to hang out with me. This space is new, as I'm starting where every author starts--at the very beginning.

I'm not exactly new--I've been writing and publishing for quite a few years. Recently, however, I decided to try some new genres, the first of which is the scifi romance series, Savage Warriors.

I got a new pen name and didn't tell any of the people associated with my main persona what I was going to do. No one knows. Which means, I'm starting over as a new writer. And let me tell you, it's not easy.

Getting reviews when you know no one is a bitch. Making friends with a completely new set of people is a son of a bitch. In other, less bitchy words, it's slow going and can be overwhelming.

But I won't give up now just like I didn't give up when I truly first started. And you know what? I'm going to kill it.


You know what else? This is really fun. I'm having a good time. It's all fresh and new and exciting. I have no idea what's just around the corner, but I'm going to have the most amazing time finding out.

So excuse the mess while I get this house in order. Have a look around at what little I've done so far, and come on over and say hi to me on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and hey, guess what? I got my first review on Amazon, and it's an awesome five star one. That made my night. Whoever you are, my first reviewer, thank you. 

If you'd like to check out my alien abduction romance series, I have one book available and two more up for preorder. Here's your link. I hope you'll add to my one review if you like it--I will happy dance until I fall over! Maybe I'll even take a picture.

Maybe. ;)