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Jude's scifi Alien Abduction Romance Books:


She's abducted from Earth and sold into slavery. Can love break the chains that bind her?

Grabbed from the street in broad daylight, Briony is soon sold to a cruel alien leader who needs human women for a very specific purpose.

They must "recharge" the vicious warriors he forces to fight in his arena.

Given to the best fighter in the section, she finds she has arrived in the middle of a secret escape plan.

She is surprised to find herself attaching to the handsome alien fighter, and puts everything she can into their risky run for freedom.

Will she make it out alive?


Will she make it out unchanged?

Absolutely not.


Stranded alone with an injured alien...

When the alien ship holding me malfunctions, I'm thrown into a shuttle and expelled from the ship. I awaken to find myself on what looks like a toxic waste dump--miles of inhospitable, eerie land where the ground smokes, the hills are black and barren, and it's unpleasantly cold.

Soon I discover I'm not alone. There's an alien on the awful island. A familiar alien.

He's the one who bought me from my captors. He's the one who paid extra because I'm a virgin. And he's the one who put me aboard the shuttle and saved my life when the ship went down.

I have a decision to make. Should I kill him as he lies injured and delirious, or should I nurse him back to health and hope he can save us both?

When I begin to soften toward him, and worse, my body begins to respond to his, I can't help but wonder--can a human woman fall in love with her alien abductor?

I know what it's like to be enslaved by an alien...

When I don a disguise and sneak away from the colony for a day at the lively and exciting Frizian Outpost, I never expect my life to change forever.


I'm a former human slave, freed by the Zyrnx Warriors and given sanctuary on the colony as I await transport back to Earth.

But when I see a wild and injured Madixx male, caged and tormented by his captors, all it takes is a single glance for me to know I won't rest until I free him.

Everyone knows the Madixx are dangerous--and maybe he is. But I am haunted by his eyes.

Should I believe this huge, wild man is capable of love, or should I ignore my heart and take what may be my last chance to return to my world? 

In a past life, I must have been a real bitch...and now it's time for payback.

I'm abducted from Earth and sold to a panel of high judges—important, wealthy men partly responsible for punishing and sentencing aliens who break the law and protecting those who obey.
Unfortunately, there are no laws that protect abducted humans.

When I kill one of the depraved high judges, I have two choices—stay and face whatever hell of a life his friends subject me to or run and sneak aboard the transport ship bound for the worst prison planet in all the worlds.


I run.

I'm immediately claimed by the man who rules Stygian—and once again, I'm on the run.
This time, though, there's no place to go, and it's just a matter of time before I'm caught.
When a ship crashes near my hiding place, I think maybe my bad luck is changing.
But then I meet him. 


A huge, tattooed male scarier than any alien I've seen so far. I feel something when I look at him.
Something consuming.

Too bad for me that he doesn't feel the same way.
And too bad for both of us that his ship is damaged, his weapons useless, and neither one of us is likely to make it off Stygian alive.

This steamy romantic fantasy series is for you if you like strong women, fierce alien men, and fated romance with nonstop action.


As I walk across the parking lot, my mind on another day of teaching third-graders, I'm taken.
Abducted by nonhumans. Aliens.
Monsters, one might call them. I certainly do.

When I'm taken again--from aliens by aliens--my dire circumstances are worsened by an immensely irritating male named Jax.

He is brutal, crude, arrogant, and obnoxious. Everything I dislike in a man.
Apparently, he is also quite broken, and he thinks I'm beautiful. Me.
How on earth am I supposed to resist him? I suppose on Earth, I could.

But we're not on Earth anymore, and all bets are off.

This is Jax and Alice's story


There are worse ways to make a living than traveling the worlds killing men.
Especially if you’re a woman with a grudge and a gift.
Like me.

I am part of the Zyrnx, but apart from them, as well. They believe in rescuing slaves.
I believe in killing slave masters.
I am not a savior of helpless victims—I am a killer of monsters.

But as Taal says, sometimes I see a monster where a man stands.

And the monster I have come to kill, he believes we are fated mates.
Lifemates. Born for each other.

I do not believe in such things.
I believe in sex, fighting, and death--not love.
Or maybe just not love for--or from--me.


I've been waiting for this female my entire life.
She's mine.
I'm hers.
Simple as that.

Seized and Savaged

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