All the Words

I've been editing book 2 while writing book 3. I have deadlines for both books, and am doing really well by sticking with a strict schedule and getting in the word count I need on the wip--currently three thousand words a day.

Sometimes the words flow and sometimes I have to fight through the sticking points. I'm not the world's best plotter--usually, I just have an idea in my head. This is what's going on, this is what I want to happen, this is how I want it to end. Then I run with it.

Under my other pen, I don't write so freely. There are expectations. Readers I don't want to disappoint, but that's unavoidable. You're always going to disappoint someone. :) I took a pen name to explore other genres and to branch out a bit. I like trying new things. I told no one, so basically I have no one. New!

It's not just work, it's fun.

I like this feeling. I think I'll keep it.

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