Almost Time...

Tomorrow, May 13th, book 1 in my new series releases.

Book 2 is now available for preorder.
I hope you'll enjoy the series.


Two aliens want me.

As a curvy girl who’s not used to being the center of attention, you’d think I’d be flattered.
But you’d be wrong.
The problem is, I don’t have a choice in who I end up with.

One of the males is bold and brash while the other is quiet and fierce. Both are huge, strong, and don’t seem to understand the word no.

And one of them has me wanting to say yes.

Will standing up for what I believe cause me to lose everything I’ve ever wanted, or does love truly conquer all?


He calls me untouchable...and all he wants to do is touch me.

When the Hakdivi trade me to the Drohlu, a big barbarian warrior called Thion comes to escort me to his clan.
I need a mate, being a human in a strange alien world, but no one in the last clan would take me--apparently they're afraid of me because I have a way with animals.

I don't imagine the huge, sexy Thion will be afraid of anything.
And I'm right...
sort of.

He's not afraid of me, but when I help a wild, dangerous animal without getting ripped to shreds, he believes what I did was so foolish that I can't possibly be in possession of all my faculties.
He deems me "untouchable."
At the same time, his growing desire to touch me is driving him crazy.

I know one thing for sure.
He's the mate for me.

I'm not some untouchable innocent in need of protection.
I'm a passionate woman in need of possession.

Can I make him see the real me?
I don't know.
But I'm going to have one hell of a good time trying.

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