So Close...

In a few hours, Savage Warriors #5 (Jax and Alice's book) will be released! Woohoo!
Are you ready for Jax?

Somehow, he became my favorite. Maybe because he's funny...

Get Jax!

Please remember, you guys, that reviews on Amazon are super important. When you've finished reading, and if you enjoyed the book, please run over and leave a short review. It doesn't have to be wordy or complicated or long to be a great review.

Too many readers are eager to leave a review if they dislike or are offended by the books they read but won't bother if they enjoyed it--who knows why. Just remember that if you love a book and an author, every great review you leave will help counteract the sucky ones, and it's an amazing way to support your author. ❤

Savage Warriors series

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